Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Post(Card)-A-Day 7: Siberian Blues

One word: blah.

I didn't risk getting too close to the water to take better pictures - obviously the salting machines aren't bothering with this part of town (a strategy I agree with), and I thought sliding down the ice and into the lake would not be a very dignified way to go. Unlikely, yes, but I have an overactive imagination.

This used to be a beautiful, verdant park... sigh.

More impressive photos of the ice on Lake Geneva by photographers who managed to get closer to it than I did can be seen at this gallery. And here, the harrowing story of the fellow who parked his car close to the lake on Friday night (thanking his lucky stars that he found a spot!), only to return a few hours later and find it so covered with ice that he had no option but to leave it there and make his way home on foot. He has been assured that he can return for his car when it thaws... in three weeks' time.

Looking at the pictures of the frozen cars, which make such pretty ice sculptures, makes me wonder how a typewriter would look in a similar state. Photogenic, no doubt, but it would probably be useless after it thaws. So, best to try the experiment with a non-functioning typewriter anyway. Hold on, I think I have a Voss...


  1. Same cold here in Zurich. -14° C, but no frozen lake. The photos of the cars and boats are also in our newspaper. Looking for the one of the Voss to appear in Tages-Anzeiger. :)

  2. Wow! I feel for you! Meanwhile, we are having the _mildest_ winter in decades, with temps in the 40s F and even 50s F. It's been over two and a half weeks since the temp was significantly below freezing. This, for us, is very unusual, but I won't complain too much.

  3. I've been hearing - though not enough - about Europe's weather. I hope you will stay safe! We had our week of winter already, that should be it.

  4. Geneve just look delightful covered in white. It's very rare for us to have snow around here...

  5. You and J stay warm and away from the sliding ice! It's surreal looking at your pics then out my window where it's actually starting to get a little hot.

  6. Nice post. Most will think I am crazy, but I miss the snow. The other elements of winter and long cold periods with high heating bills I do not miss. In any case Adwoa, it was cold here today also 68 degrees F. I like the snow pictures and one thing I hope to never see here are any kind of boat frozen in the water.

  7. @Bill M and @Fernando: I'd gladly trade places! 68 degrees F would feel heavenly right about now; it takes ages just to get outside with all the layering we have to do, and I miss the warmth of the sun. Nature owes Europe a fantastic spring this year... we've earned it!

    @Ted and @notagain: No worries, I am staying well indoors! No point in going out more than is absolutely necessary. I don't know why it's taken me so long to discover that wrapping my scarf around my face produces a warming balaclava effect without making me look like a bank robber... well, now I'm wrapping up a storm and it feels so much better! If only I had invested in a pair of long johns, I'd be all set... but I never thought I'd need them here. Famous last words!


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