Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Post(Card)-A-Day 21: Drab but Drama Free - Olive Green Groma Kolibri

Really uncanny how the keys and the body are matching exactly, but it's grown on me.

This is the only one of the three to have a Swiss keyboard; the others came from Germany. I like having the French accents easily available, as well as the currency sign Fr. Also note the exclamation point key!

So the usual yardstick is a box of matches, but I just thought I'd also show that the height of the Groma Kolibri is roughly equivalent to the cap of a Lamy Safari pen :-)

In surprisingly good condition, all things considered. A lucky find.

And thus Groma Kolibri week on Retro Tech Geneva, February 14-21, comes to a close. Next up to be used for typecasts will be a couple of Hermes Babies, and then, over the weekend, an intriguing new portable that I am quite keen to feature on the blog...


  1. Just love your description of Valais, although I don't like the region at all.
    Handsome Kolibris, all of them!

  2. The color of the Kolibri is quite to my liking. Then I like nearly all the different color schemes of bright keys or bright covers or contrasting keys and covers. Each one is what makes each machine different and interesting. Then the attention moves to how does it type. I'd like to get a Kolbri and when I find one at a price I want to pay I am sure there will be one added to my collection.

  3. Greets and what a torrid I.T.A.M. pace you are setting!

    You may want to post that great Kolibri pic to this slightly rude-sounding site:


    Where an astonishing number of O drab items from trucks to cameras are stacked, willy-nilly.

    mcget / phillytyper

  4. I very much like the "Ideal" office scene. The Hummingbirds are ok, really. Eastern Germany ruled - in some respects.

  5. Another great Kolibri :) And Valais sounds wonderful!

  6. Hey! I just got a Safari for my birthday. First new fountain pen in around 40 years. It shall become my yardstick too. But I still wish I had a Kolibri.

    1. Rob, easy! German ebay is full of them. Name variants to look for: Groma Kolibri - Brillant Junior - Brillant Neckermann - Groma Reporter. Switzerland is also waiting for a visit.


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