Friday, February 24, 2012

Post(Card)-A-Day 24: Off to the Trade Fair (2)

Typewriter on the poster = no typewriters at the event. Never fails. 

They should have put this on the poster, instead! What a handsome penny-farthing. Just the thing to use as a display prop for your Columbia Bar-Lock typewriter, perhaps.

What does the future hold for paperbacks? I am curious to find out what the industry is thinking.

Still, I feel it would be a pity to replace children's literature with iPads! When images and texture add so much to the sensory experience of reading, it is just too far off to substitute a glass screen.


  1. Nice post. You have so many trade shows at your disposal. I kind of miss them for all the free things. It would be a great loss if all books were replaced by e-books.

  2. I, too, stubbornly cling to 3D books. We still get the newspaper, even, although it's depressing to see it continuing to shrink in actual content.

    The last trade fair I went to was a home remodeling show earlier this month, which we attended purely out of necessity. We came away with a lot of business cards, a free carpenter's pencil, and another gargoyle for our back yard.


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