Friday, February 10, 2012

Post(Card)-A-Day 10: Finding Typewriter Ribbons

Pelikan typewriter ribbons, black and red, in nylon. Product numbers 571950 and 520841. Made in China.

The typewriters that will fit are listed on the back of the package.

New old stock ribbons: blue cotton, Barock black silk, and Juwel black silk.

Kores typewriter ribbons: the red box is still sold in Portugal and was sent to me by a fellow collector; the plastic box is NOS purple and red ribbon.


  1. Very nice post.

    Until I found some silk Pelikan ribbons on Ebay I never knew Pelikan made ribbons. Neat packing in them also.

    I found more colored ribbons on Etsy than Ebay. Beware of private sellers on Ebay selling new, but dried ribbons.

    FJA Products sells new ribbons on Ebay and directly, Jay Respler is very dependable and there are a few others in the USA. Links to suppliers and repair shops in the USA can be found on The Classic Typewriter Page.

  2. Dear Adwoa, pleases me so much to see something portuguese in your blog :)

    Now I have to start following your advices and stock up ribbons for the next years.

    In case of dispair I'll use calculator machine ribbons. The length it's not the same and I'd have to roll up the ribbon in the spools so I can use it in a typewriter. But here they are cheaper and seem easier to find. So they are a good alternative :)

    1. Fernando, this was sent to me by our mutual friend, Ruy :) I hope you two are still in touch.

      Indeed, when you find a bunch of ribbons for a good price, it is not a bad idea to stock up! I know you use eBay Germany often, so you can find the auctions I'm referring to - the great thing is that it is a lot cheaper to ship ribbons than a typewriter.

    2. Unfortunately we have busy and opposite schedules. When Ruy is in town and he's free I'm at work. And when I'm free is has to return to Lisbon.

      I've the auctions you've referred but the seller isn't shipping to Portugal. But I'll keep searching ;)

  3. thank you for linking me to this information. I appreciate it! - Jodi Stilp


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