Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Post(Card)-A-Day 15: Fountain Pen Update

Desert-Island-Five/ Dream Team:
Lamy 2000, Pelikan M400, Pilot Vanishing Point, TWSBI Diamond 530, Mont Blanc 146


Nib close-ups, although the Vanishing Point refused to cooperate and kept rolling off!

Delta pens in Ercolessi shop window, Milan

Visconti pens in the shop window, including the lava-forged Homo Sapiens.

Pelikan pens - note the large ceramic pelican in the back, surely a staple of Pelikan displays everywhere!


  1. Very nice pens. I'd love to have a nice Pelikan pen and that ceramic holder! I too collect both fountain pens and typewriters, but somehow feel I get more for my money with a typewriter (and they are usually much cheaper than pens). I don't have a TWSBI pen yet, but I hear all good about them.

  2. Golly, yes! Fountain pens are the height of elegance. I once thought about starting a fountain pen blog and calling it a ... PLOG!

  3. Wow, those shop displays are wonderful, and the Pelikan ad at the beginning of your post is just fantastic.

    A Pilot vanishing point pen is my everyday handwriting tool and I consider it perfect.

  4. Nice pens!
    I still have a Pelikano, the beginner's model from Pelikan from primary school, but I use it once in a blue moon - I find ball pens much more convenient.

  5. Great pens you have there :)

    My father had a few but I've never paid them much attention. I do prefer a simple nib in a wooden handle. They're much cheaper and the calligraphy gets very nice too.

    And really do love that epoca font!

  6. One obsession at a time.
    I like it. That 's really healthy. ( :

    1. A nice collection and I certainly understand about your focusing on one are of collecting at a time. However, there are a tremendous number of inexpensive Chinese models now extant, and we want you back in the fountain pen fold! :-)


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