Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Post(Card)-A-Day 22: Typewriter Market Resurgence

Flea market typewriter sightings:
The No. 3 has a ribbon color selector and a few other features not on the Junior, but other than those and the white keys, it is virtually identical, wouldn't you say? In fact, both typewriters were distributed by the same shop in Zurich.

The Remington Travel-Riter.

Here, the Burroughs adding machine that was our first sighting of the day.

One I had almost forgotten about, a large standard-size Triumph (from the Gabriele era) labeled Special.


  1. Nice typewriters. You should have left the No. 3 follow you home.

  2. That No.3 seems to be in really good conditions. If I were you, I'd bought it. I'd love to have one like that :)

  3. trade bait, and entertainment value. It's odd how my collecting attitude so closely mirrors yours. The only difference is that I have more room making me willing to spend the 7 bucks.

  4. What draws me is the standard-size Triumph.
    I just told myself the same thing, since I have a small collection, "variety" is key.

  5. p.s. Love the Chaplin postcard. "Modern Times" is one of my all-time favorites.


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