Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Post(Card)-A-Day 1: Happy ITAM 2012!!!

A look back at ITAM 2011 - Time to start warming up for those letters!


  1. Happy ITAM! Nice writing ball. You and Richard P need to correspond with them. I've got no big plans for the month except perhaps a few typewritten letters.

  2. I missed your redecoration - nice wallpaper! I realise I must have started Typewriter Heaven purely coincidentally at the end of ITAM-11! I was newly out of work and trying to 'keep my hand in' on the communications and communities front. It seems so long ago. I'll scratch my head and see what I can come up with for this month!

  3. I'll be writing to my small coterie of correspondents, as usual.

    I tend to write long letters, so it will have to be just a few long letters to a few people rather than a lot of very short ones to a LOT of people.

    Plus, James & I are about to host a dear friend from England who's coming to visit us here in The Woods for a MONTH! Probably won't have quite as much time to write, although I hope to post occasionally to my blog.

  4. I think I'll take up your challenge of one post a day! And break out the typewriters too; I've been using my fountain pens a lot lately.

    Nice Rhodia Reversebook, by the way!

  5. Great project - I wish you endurance, and strong fingers! My apologies to all my fellow typospherians to whom I haven't replied yet for ITAM '11 :)

  6. Your ambition is admirable and I look forward to reading the results.

    I'll be sure to type some letters this month.

    By the way, I hope Bill M realizes that neither of us has a Mitt Romney-level income to spend on real Writing Balls!

    1. I was hoping not to correct Bill for a while! Me with a Malling-Hansen, ha ha. That will be the day.

  7. I'm glad to see ITAM gaining traction! I have a project starting tomorrow. I'll post a lot more, though probably not daily, and I, too, hope to get some letters or cards out to my friends in the typosphere.

  8. ITAM is in the air!!!

    I will be trying to write a letter a day. I considered doing that last year, but I think I fell a couple letters short of 28. I can't really remember, as it was all a blur:)

    I will also try to post on my blog once a day, but if not, then I will at least get a lot more posts this month than I have in the past few.

    My "new" celebration for 2012 is sharing rubber stamps on my letters or envelopes, which you can see the special ITAM 2012 badge on my blog. I've been making a bunch of different rubber stamps the past couple months, some of which have been used in letters already.

    I will certainly be watching with excited eyes on how other are celebrating ITAM this year!

  9. One post a day?
    What a challenge... one that my schedule won't allow me to do. But I'll participate as a reader of your posts. ( :

  10. This is going to be my first ITAM :D And I'm so excited! I'm still figuring out what I'm going to do to celebrate ITAM but surely I'll follow your posts :)

  11. Aww, heck! This month is gonna be very busy for me. New job starting in a few days, home renovations beginning tomorrow. I'll just have to get a few posts up over the next 24 days. Ah well, let it rain, let it pour!


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