Thursday, February 23, 2012

Post(Card)-A-Day 23: Off to the Trade Fair (1)


The setting of the Geneva Motor Show
All a bit too glamorous for me, I'm afraid, but interesting to visit once. 
I like the swooping curves here; they remind me of some of the design details of handsome typewriters. The color is even a bit like this Alpina featured on Richard's blog a while back. 

Is this what the Hermes 3000's classic mint green would look like today? Very pretty color.
Shiny old black cars with gleaming chrome parts remind me of shiny old black typewriters with gleaming chrome parts! Like a fine Remington Noiseless Model 7, perhaps. Although I suppose this Maybach is ivory, so I shall compare it to this beautiful cream Adler Favorit (it would have been even better with glass/chrome keys!).
Doesn't this remind you of the Silver Surfer typewriter trend?


  1. The red baby is really nice! I am not yet possessed by the typewriter to see typewriters from cars. However, the cars are wonderful and like a typewriter need maintained and will give plenty of enjoyment for decades, for the cars hopefully longer to match the centuries of use for a typewriter.

  2. I went to a automotive trade show in Chicago once. It was massive and I was there with a couple of car lovers. I had the same feeling...its was fun to go once, but I doubt I'd ever go back.

    I love the designs and colors mirrored in typewriters. Very nice observations...and now I want a mint green car:)

  3. I am a car junkie and you got me with the last image. So fast! I think that is the Audi/Auto Union C Streamliner. Can you believe that is from 1937? V-16 engine... 237mph... sweet.

    We attended a local home and garden show a couple of weeks ago to look for window contractors. There is a spring and fall antique and toy show I always try to get to along with one automotive swap meet that is great for junk robot parts.

    My big annual trade show is Green Build. I am a USGBC technical advisory group member, so last year in Toronto I barely had time to get out on the trade show floor due to networking and side meetings. It is a huge show. I've worked my company booth for a couple of years with the sales people. That is seriously exhausting work. I am looking forward to this year in San Francisco. The launch of LEED 2012 should be exciting! (And a relief given the 100s of hours of work I expect to do on it over the next few months.)

    1. 1937??!! I had no idea! Talk about retro tech - can you imagine, I really thought it was a concept car to be produced far, far in the future. Just goes to show you...


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