Friday, February 17, 2012

Post(Card)-A-Day 17: Meeting The Ambassador

The Royal Signet and Hermes Baby: side by side, they look almost identical.

Royal Signet: I haven't yet had a Royal in the collection, but I have a feeling this - one of their later offerings - is not particularly the best place to start!

Hermes Baby: It is not often I meet a Hermes Baby that seems beyond repair, so the sorry state of this one surprised me. However, the stuck keys may have been a less serious problem than I thought, since the rest of the machine seems cosmetically fine. However, I was more interested in Big Brother: 

Hermes Ambassador - and a very fine one at that!

I wasted no time in sweeping away the cover and unfolding the paper support. 

Carrying out some ambassadorial duties of my own

And here, the finished result. Not perfect, but it will do. I was surprised that such a large machine would have the exact same typeface of my tiny Hermes Baby; somehow I thought the size of the text would be proportional to the size of the typewriter.  It never is, though.


  1. I'd love to have a nice Ambassador, but shipping costs make the ones I see too high-priced. I bet the Baby is not beyond repair. Surprising what some carb cleaner will do (if it is available in Switzerland). Nice post. I've read only good things about the Ambassador typewriters.

    Both the Baby and Ambassador are machines on my want list. May never get them though, small house and not much room for many more machines.

  2. That's a creative approach on thrift store typewriter finding!
    Ambassadors are just impressive machines.

  3. Adwoa, the Hermes Ambassador is awesome.
    Perhaps I missed it but did you actually bring the Ambassador home? I would not have been able to resist it.

    1. No, I left it in the store. I have a small apartment and walk everywhere - this was not something I could casually tuck under my arm and take with me! It was great to see it and try it out, but I would have no place to keep it :(.

  4. That Ambassador is awesome! I've already came across a few in here, but never in such good conditions as that one. Although ended by never buying one because their size.

    And that bulletin font is wonderful :)

  5. The Ambassador is a beast. I don't blame you for leaving it behind. That machine requires commitment. One detail I like: there is no way anyone could miss the return or tab keys. They deserve their own Zip Code (or maybe IP address).

    I'm glad the Swissa got some exercise.


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