Thursday, February 3, 2011

Typewriter Ephemera: Brosette instruction manual

A letter-writing frenzy last night has me temporarily unable to bear the sound of type slugs hitting platen, so tonight will be an ephemera post. This Brosette, which I featured on the blog in July last year, has since found a home with prolific Brosette collector David in Zurich. As he already has several Brosette manuals, David graciously permitted me to keep this manual (which I originally forgot to send him with the typewriter), and share it with you here.

The  manual is a simple A4 sheet folded over to make a four-page leaflet, of which this is the first page. Having just started to take an interest in fountain pens, inks, and calligraphy, I am envious of the beautiful penmanship on display here - that is one impressive M, with the B and C close behind.

The middle pages are a sea of German words (I assume all the usual instructions for typewriters are covered) with no pretty pictures, so I am omitting them for convenience' sake.  I like this annotated diagram, though, with a bite-shaped cut-out showing where the touch regulator is hidden.


Here, a guarantee card which the owner never bothered to fill in. Good to know I'm not the only one!

For some idea of the Brosette's actual size, here are some pictures of it next to a Hermes Baby, taken last summer:



Just a bit deeper, but otherwise the dimensions are very similar.


  1. So many typewriters, so little time!

    I am glad to hear you have a letter writing frenzy last night. So far, two days into ITAM and I have sent out two letters. I doubt I'll keep that pace, but I do have a couple more sitting on my desk.

    Might make it 3 for 3:)

  2. The Brosette has quite a distinctive charm of its own. Thanks for posting the manual/leaflet!

  3. Very cool looking machine. I love the logo.


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