Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Typecast: Writing letters for ITAM

 (If only I would do the sensible thing and mark with a pencil where the paper's about to end, this wouldn't keep happening. Sigh.)


  1. OK, have copied yr address onto an envelope with already looks as though it's traveled a bit!

    Now must type a letter...

    Then look up postage to Switzerland, which may be a first....

    mcget aka phillytyper

  2. Mike, the great thing about the US is that a 95 cent Airmail stamp will send a letter about anywhere in the world...in about 4 days!!! I use onionskin paper which guarantees me 4 pages without weight issue.

    And speaking of such, that's my ONLY problem with writing letters...when to stop! One page seems like I barely get started in the letter. Then again, a one page letter is easy to read and reply to and then the magic of having so much else to say for the next letter or finding a new topic presented by the new letter...its just fun!

    Oh, and I just got your letter today Adwoa. It only took 5 days. I am utterly amazed at how quickly these letters make it around the world!

  3. I sent a letter to someone today and was thinking of making custom stamps for the month.
    Would it be okay to steal one of your fine photos for it?

  4. Once again admiring the amazing productivity of RetroTech Geneva! Great idea for this month. I have used - to the delight of collegues and customers (I hope) - my Olympia Simplex portable for business correspondence & envelopes for some time now. It's fun and changes from the computer rythm. Greetings from the other and of Helvetia!

  5. McGet - Great! Looking forward to hearing from you :)

    Deek - I know, one page is so short once you get going; the end comes quickly. However, like you I think it's better to write less and encourage the other party to respond, rather than overwhelming them with pages of text such that they feel intimidated. And this way there is always something left to say for next time!

    Thanks for providing the postage information for my US readers; it sounds very easy to remember.

    Peter - Of course you may! And it's not stealing if you're asking first; do go ahead, I'd be glad to see the end result.

    Georg - No worries, I also ordered some CHF 1 stamps for writing to my Swiss friends ;)

  6. let's see who is first! CHF 1 will buy you priority mail transportation, given Swiss standards this would arrive even before you actually write the letter! Scientists might prove me wrong on this point. More on paper!!

  7. hey! i like that... International Typewriter Appreciation Month. Who would have thought? It seems my first typewriter and my (belated) discovery of a typosphere and typecasting is just in time. So here's greetings from the Philippines!... hopefully i can type that down soon and mail it to 'yah! :-D

  8. I am writing more letters for ITAM as well, so cheers! Like your observation about letters to typeospherians, I agree it is much more fun and relaxing to send letters to pen pals then to family.

  9. That's really cool that you jumped into letter writing. My correspondence has risen quite a bit over the last two months and I love it. It's actually more fun to me than typecasting. Keep up the good work.


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