Saturday, February 5, 2011

Adler Tippa Script/ Cursive Portable Typewriter (1960s)

Strikethru's current hankering after an ultra-portable cursive typewriter got me to thinking I never did get around to introducing this one properly, so here goes:

The occasional bursts of red text in the typecast happened because I flouted this ribbon's bi-color rule and used a purple/ red ribbon. It works, mostly, but obviously the descenders on the letters print red. The typewriter was quite well-used when I received it, with some spots of rust on the bottom plate (which is metal), but other than the occasional sticky 1 key, it works nicely.

Here's my very first cursive typewriter, purchased in my eagerness to have at least one. It's a Triumph Gabriele 10, all plastic, and huge (the stickers are a last ditch attempt to relieve the drabness, but it didn't work too well). The typeface is exactly the same as its diminutive cousin, and apart from a basket shift and of course a deeper type bar arc, I don't know that there is all that much difference in how it feels mechanically. Really, which would you rather have?

My favorite shot on any machine - type slug macro.

Here it is in profile: ultra-flat. Cursive typewriters are usually hard to find in the wild, especially when no indication of typeface is made on the auctions, but if it only takes blue ribbon it's a pretty good sign. Finally, here it is in the case:


  1. I am about to get my first typewriter and it is the same as yours, the adler junior. I am so excited and will post a review once i start using it

  2. Hi,

    Do you have an idea of what '75 o AR' sign means ? It is in the type slugs mould between each two letters. I would like to know more about this script typeface design origins. I've seen it on several other typewriter brands.

    Fine website by the way. Love it.

    My best regards from Lausanne

  3. I have a gabriele 10 but there is no 1 key does somebody know why ?

    1. I have heard you can use a lowercase 'L' on underwoods, and an exclamation being a lower case "L" with a period under it!

  4. i found a portable adler 1 at Goodwill yesterday. Wasn't sure what it was, but i love old typwriters so for 4.45 i bought it. Got it home and saw on the case West Germany, also on the typwriter. i didn't know they made them to type cursive so i was so excited. i am ordering new ribbon for it. The ribbon in it works good enough that i could tell it was cursive. I love it to death!!!! It's seen better days but works great

  5. Question, is it better to try and clean an old typewriter or simply add sowing machine oil to get it working again. It has no rust and is relatively well oiled still.

    First typewriter, my best friend moved to Germany and he wrote me with his typewriter so i wanted to return the favour. Any tips on maintenance?


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