Saturday, February 12, 2011

More ITAM letters, and an ITAM miracle

A shelf full of globes in a very well-stocked stationery store downtown. I couldn't bring myself to buy one brand new, though, there's no character in that! Nothing like finding one in the trash that its owner has given up on (possibly because the plastic on which the map is printed is peeling away from the globe's surface at the axes), slapping some scotch tape on it to camouflage the imperfections, and giving it a second life as part of the living room decor. 

My "dream globe" displayed at the flea market, but for $200, I could only look. The one I found looks sort of like this - if I squint really hard. It's about the same size, but is a geographical map rather than a political one, meaning it doesn't have all the oranges and pinks of this one, just blues, greens, and pale whites and yellows. I find it obnoxious that every. single. globe has a cord to light it up, but fortunately the previous owner snipped off the cord on mine before disposing of it. 

The globe as I found it, peeling map and all. I'm looking forward to using it as a prop to liven up my typewriter pictures in the future.


  1. I like globes, but haven't been lucky in finding one that really suits my tastes. The "dream globe" you spotted looks the part, but I cannot see the price asked working well on a flea market (unless the seller was hoping for someone to succumb to an impulse buy); it is more fit for one of those trendy retro/vintage design shops so in vogue lately.
    Anyway, I think it will be easy to fix the one you found.

  2. i like yours better than the dream one. political ones are most interesting in some context like the one from my wife's family from ww2

  3. I got a globe just a few months ago, for free (but new), as an 10 year service award from work. I do agree, there is something about having a globe that just works at the desk, or with a typewriter, or just in the room.

    Very nice find!

  4. I was just watching "How I Met Your Mother" and noticed that one of the main characters, who is a Professor of Architecture, has a globe on his desk at home. I guess it was an easy way for the writers of the show to signal his erudition :)


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