Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Seeing Red

Typing this post, I realized why we were able to get this typewriter so inexpensively - the right shift key is missing! I suspect it broke off at some point, since there is a discernible, but subtle "scar". It makes for an interesting typing experience - not ideal, but tolerable for a few sentences. Oh well, at least the paint job matches the small vinyl case for brushes that came with it.
There were better pictures taken, but it seems I accidentally deleted them from the SD card before saving. Oh, well, these will do for now. The paper table was left intact as J couldn't figure out how to get to it. Also, the carriage return lever was salvaged from a Lettera 35 parts machine, as the original one was broken.
Next up for a coat of red paint is this Remington Portable No. 1.
This is a slightly less common model than the Lettera 32, but the original paint work was quite scratched up and the decal was gone entirely - a previous owner seems to have been handy with steel wool...
The metal tray underneath the keys (which pops up to type) was left black. The inspiration for this paint job was Alan Seaver's excellent two-tone Parnelli Monarch, which is well worth a gander if you haven't seen it already.


  1. Pish to historical accuracy! These are gorgeous. Excellent work on these. Your painting skills are first-rate. I have a Lettera 32 that could do with similar treatment. although I'm thinking of going pink, as it is for a friend.

    My house is a museum enough as it is. Sure, some of my older typers I'll keep in their original condition, but I think all that waffle about historical accuracy is just Puritanism; Something for the collectors, and not the users. I'd rather see a typewriter painted, used and loved than keychopped.

  2. Beautiful machines, both of them!! I'm feeling really tempted to buy a can of Ferrari Red paint and spray one of my Letteras...

  3. Adwoa, I think re-painting is hit or miss but in my opinion, your paint job on the Lettera 32 looks better than the common original blues I've seen. Congrats! Was the Lettera 32 indeed blue originally? Awesome job on the Remington as well. Truth be told, both look original.

    Banish any thought of not continuing with this blog!!!

  4. The Lettera 32 is really nice with a new coat of paint, however, I would keep that Remington original. From the photos the paint looks really good. It is much better than some of my old machines.

    I too have problems with Google and Blogger and the gadgets not working. My pet peve is the captchas. They are utterly ridiculous! Worse yet I've left several duplicate comments on some blogs because the thing will repeat telling me I entered it wrong and keep posting the same comment. I love the blogs with the captcha turned off. Now the new cartoon one (that Google does not use) is neat.

  5. Correction: I realized the Remington has not had a re-painting yet. All best!

  6. Very nice work on the Lettera. Just watch out that it doesn't get stolen by "the Leonardo of Photoshop" ...

    Maybe I should paint my Sholes & Glidden red! :)

  7. I'll be interested with all these paint jobs how they hold up with use. Lovely work though, can't wait to see it up close.


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