Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Remington Portable No. 1 - During and After

Some of you are wondering whether the red Remington Portable No. 1 in the previous post is actually a custom paint job - the answer is yes! I am glad the end result looks nice enough to pass for original, though, and indeed I wanted a red one because I knew there had been some red No. 3s made that I liked the look of, but my chances of finding one of those in the wild here are slim to none.

When I told J I thought the original scratched black finish of this typewriter (as I said, it seemed as though a previous owner had been at the logo with steel wool, completely obliterating it) would look better painted over in red, he whipped off the case so quickly I barely had time to take "before" pictures.

So here are a few blurry pictures taken in progress - this is the body of the typewriter, nowhere near as bad as the ribbon cover, though.

Still, it would have looked half-hearted to paint just the ribbon cover, so we did the rest of it too. There is a two-tone effect at the back I will have to show you sometime, as J masked off the Remington logo in order not to paint over it.

Here it is immediately after the paint cured and J put it back together. Ever the perfectionist, he wasn't 100% happy with the result (apparently he had not let the paint dry completely between coats and there were a few areas where that showed), but I think on the whole it looks very nice and your comments reflect that!

Like Peter, I wonder how this will hold up with regular use - so far I have not held on to the other typewriters we painted (the infamous Lettera 35 and a Hermes Baby in 2010), but I have no plans to part with this one just yet, so we shall be able to see how the paint ages.


  1. So I understood right after all. Congrats!

  2. Adwoa, for someone bemoaning a lack of interest in blogging, you're certainly very prolific of late. :-) The paint job is lovely, and please feel free to share whenever you're feeling up to it. Don't worry about Blogger's intricacies and techno-muddle: we'd all be perfectly happy hearing from you now and then on a plain typed page, after all. :-)

  3. Very nice machine! I really like how it looks. I'm trying to "resurrect" an old Corona 3 right now, and I'm planning to have the body sprayed at a car body shop; we'll have to see how it looks once finished.

  4. Very nice paint job! You had me on the previous post. It looks so good it looks original, and that is all the better!

  5. Very nice! what kind of paint are you using?

  6. hello,
    i'm very new to typewriters but it was after coming across your blog, as well as a few others, that i have really become hooked. so i just figured i'd make my introduction...... so um yah, hello.


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