Saturday, October 15, 2011

Typewriters in Paris II: The ones we came upon

Entering the Communication collection at the Musee des Arts et Metiers in Paris 

Very early Remington, with decals for the most part nicely preserved

The Remington 1 (dated 1873) is actually a Sholes & Glidden, as you can see here

AWERTY - now there's a keyboard layout I haven't come across yet. An error, perhaps?

Speaking of inscrutable keyboard layouts... don't even get me started on the Hammond :)

The folding Corona 3; ever popular even in Paris. 

Doesn't get much more unusual than the Lambert; as for most of these typewriters, I was glad Mr. Perrier had already given us a close look and demonstration of their mechanisms in Lausanne. 

At the flea market, this Olivetti M40 wishes all a "Happ Hour".

Underwood standard (with plastic keys, oddly enough) livens up a stationery store. 

Hard to see, but there's a Royal typewriter lurking in this window, beside the books and underneath a taxidermied crow (don't know and didn't ask... a reference to The Raven, perhaps?).


  1. nice photos! thanks for the little museum & shop window tour... I love these old shops with their weird arcana and forgotten items on display. I always wonder how they pay the rent.

    Reminds me of this old typewriter shop in Amsterdam I came across way back in about 93...

  2. I would love to see a Remington #1 in person. It's kind of strange not being able to see any of the mechanism. The Hammond is just the opposite being bare bones and not much else. Nice contrast.

    I've only seen a few typewriters in local history museums this year. Olivers are pretty popular and were common in mid-America in their prime. My favorite sighting was a type setting machine for building newspapers.

  3. Great post. Great tip about free Sundays - I bet I forget this useful nugget before my next visit :-)

  4. You did amazingly well with the photography on these, I'd say.

    Thanks for the tour!


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