Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Retro Technica 2011: Catch and Release (Hermes edition)

Hermes 4 standard, circa

Hermes Media in glossy black finish, circa 1945.

Hermes Media, matte black finish, circa 1951.

Hermes 2000, matte black finish, ribbon cover missing, circa 1955.

Hermes Media 3, curvy shell, mint green, circa 1958.

Hermes Media 3, boxy shell, mint green, circa 1968.

Hermes 3000, boxy shell, mint green, circa 1968.

Hermes Baby, gray with red index keys, circa mid '40s.

Hermes Baby, gray with square keys, circa mid '50s.

Hermes Baby, mint green with square keys and ribbon color selector, circa 1960.

... and so on. There were a couple more that I didn't get good photos of, but you get the idea! It was, as expected, a Hermes extravaganza.


  1. I admire your resolve and begin to understand the qwertz aversion. Selfish though it sounds, I'm glad you took the trip and posted the photos. Are those price stickers in Euros? They certainly do look tempting value. Thanks for posting!

  2. So, you didn't even get a photo of the One That Got Away?

  3. Sorry that the one you wanted got away - it's always tough to get your heart set on the one you want and have it be sniped out from under you.

    Just think of all the pretty machines you already have, and haul one out of the closet that you haven't used in awhile. You'll feel better (:

  4. @Rob: Oh, I love QWERTZ - I use it all the time living in Switzerland and 95% of my typewriters have it. It's quite similar to qwerty that it's very easy to use. It's AZERTY and QZERTY that I have a problem with. And the prices are in Swiss francs, so even better value than euros :-)

    @Duffy: Sure I did! It wasn't a c though and I wanted to stick with a theme, so I didn't lead off with it. It'll be in the next post.

    @Ted: I know, I shouldn't have gotten so attached to it. I did exactly what you describe on Sunday and felt a bit better :)

  5. Thanks for posting the Hermes edition. Most of those machines would look really exotic here in middle America. I suspect our 1930-1960 Royals, Remingtons and Underwoods would be scarcer over there.

    Either way, I've never seen more than a couple of typewriters in one spot (other than my house). The show looks pretty amazing - not sure if there is anything like it in the U.S. It's probably a good thing the old tech I run into is somewhat diluted.

    Ted's suggestion sounds like a good one. Which typewriter will it be...

  6. Hermes Media, Hermes Baby: what's the serial numbers please thank you!

  7. Even stronger resolve than I suspected! There are a few gems in your next post too...

  8. I have a Hermes 2000 typewriter (just like on your photo) and I've been looking the age of that for a long time!!!
    I didn't find this type of logo (with red numbers, below the company name) I only found slant text! Thank you for the post:)


    1. Glad I could help, Sophie! You have a lovely blog :-)


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