Wednesday, October 19, 2011

PEN International Photoshoot (and Outtakes)

You can see this and other Detusch & Luba productions on their blog:

For another instance of the Hermes Baby being used to illustrate a story, see this article.

Some favorites from the other typewriters I photographed:
Maroon/ burgundy Groma Kolibri that I got in a swap from Georg back in May.

Oh, this old thing? Another Groma Kolibri in grayish-green that I stumbled upon (what a stroke of luck!) sometime this summer. It even has a Swiss-French keyboard! I'll tell you all about it one of these days.

This frakturschrift three-bank Senta needs no introduction.

Neither does this  Seidel & Naumann Erika 5, the result of another swap with Georg in April. 

I have since parted ways with this Annabella (keys felt a bit flimsy and rattly; I never used it), but I can't deny that she takes a good picture.

I have found it rather difficult to capture the unique blue-green color of the Olivetti Lettera 32 (this one has an international QWERTY keyboard); but camera tricks helped a lot here :)

Finally, you can't bring up the subject of photogenic typewriters, surely, without showing an Olivetti Valentine! Ours comes without the cheerful yellow ribbon caps, but I suppose that is what keeps this from looking like every other Valentine stock picture out there.


  1. What a cool assignment! very stimulating. I like the Erika and the Lettera as alternatives for the poster.

  2. I love it! Great photos for a great cause. Congratulations on picking up some recognition.

    All the typewriters look wonderful, but I still have an excessive level of admiration for the Senta in knowing the type face under the hood.

    The Anabella has a pretty face. Thanks for warning about its typing performance.

  3. Gorgeous photos, and I really like the poster they created.

  4. That poster is one of the better things I've seen all week. :D

  5. STUNNING pictures, Adwoa. PEN International chose well!

    It is especially gratifying to see a picture of the Senta on which you wrote such a lovely letter to me recently.

  6. Congratulations Adwoa, thanks for sharing the good news! Nice minimalist poster.

    And you have the coolest typewriter collection.

  7. Great. The Baby looks very attractive. The second link with the kindle in the typewriter was amazing, I had the same photo idea for my to-be-written post on my new kindle.


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