Saturday, September 17, 2011

Typ-Fix, Rooy Racer, and other curiosities

Another look at the Racer? Mais bien sur... although I didn't have the satisfaction of bringing this home with me, I made sure to spend a few moments just admiring it. Will Davis mentions on his site that the semi-portable Rooy typewriters have striking designs which are underappreciated because they are not often seen... how true!

A look at the Typ-Fix - well-used to be sure, but still has some life left. The back of this is a light blue color.

Hanging out nearby were two Hermes 2000s and a wide-carriage Olympia SM-7. I am fast becoming the blogger caught without a good camera at inopportune moments... oh, dear.

Elite typeface, but charming in its way. I don't know if I like that the ribbon cover is the entire front of the machine, though.

The Facit 1620 from which we nabbed the typ-fix!

Finally, a handyman who had noted my disappointment at not getting last week's Typ-Fix and had been planning to fashion a homemade one contributes a review and comments on the backing sheet.


  1. Ha, that "Racer" is funny with its round curves. I'm glad you found a TYP-FIX, maybe I should get the one I could get from one of my relatives...

  2. This racer has a very warm and classy design - HOW MUCH?

  3. How thrilling to read a guest typecast from the enigmatic J!

    The Racer really looks beautiful. I have the angular '30s version of this machine and would like to get one of its rounded descendants some day. On WIll's page people can see the last version of the design, which is still more curvaceous -- probably the most bulbous portable typewriter ever made.

  4. I like the way the casing wraps curvily around the Racer's keyboard. Very "space age" design!

  5. @maschinengeschreiben: I don't know that the typ-fix works better than a plastic folder I was using for the same purpose, but it's nice to have the "official" thing. If you can get it without too much trouble, you should give it a try!

    @cyberjausn: I'm afraid the Racer is not mine to sell; I just spotted it in the market and took pictures. I'm sure it's gone now, and I didn't ask how much the seller wanted for it so no idea.

    @Richard: J is equally thrilled that you enjoyed his typecast!

  6. interesting. Hermes 2000's are the mid-60's SCM's of Switzerland, it seems. We need an exchange program of some kind. I'm going to keep experimenting with backing sheets. There are some new materials that might show promise.

  7. @notagain: Did you know Switzerland once was the 3rd important typewriter export country? After the production in most countries stopped, maybe we can make it to the Nr. 1 this time?
    @Adwoa: At least it's impressive what it is advertised to improve... 50% less ink usage and so on... :)


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