Saturday, September 24, 2011

Autumn brings...

 My answer to Florian's autumn-themed meme. 

Tour de Sauvabelin in Lausanne on a crisp fall day.
I am not looking forward to the foggy cloud that settles over Geneva most days in the fall and winter, leaving the city drab and grey for days on end. The only way to escape it is to take a hike up the nearest mountain, but that is not very practical most of the time...


  1. Beautiful early Autumn pictures.

    Summer is still hanging on in my part of the world, in The Woods of Northern California. 94 degrees F yesterday!

  2. I like your stationery and share your appreciation of horse chestnuts -- or, as their American relatives are called, buckeyes. I in fact live in a state whose residents are christened "Buckeyes." The state university football mascot is a walking, talking horse chestnut. Dynamic!

  3. Wow, what a great post! Your stationery is quite autumn-colored. :) I also like chestnust, and around my school there's a "park" with old trees, I'm looking forward to see them turning to yellow and orange and then finally losing their leaves.

  4. Nothing has changed in the deep desert yet. One day of blessed rain a week or so ago. Otherwise, hot, but not oven hot the way it was before that one day of rain. It's coming, hopefully.

    I am envious! (:

  5. If they planted real chestnut trees then they would be liable for their ediblility and if somebody ate one and got sick then they'd be in trouble. Then they'd have to put up 'Don't eat the chestnuts' signs all over the place.

  6. Ooohhh, so pretty! I'm not sure we'll see much fall color in middle America. We had several weeks of brutal 100 degree plus days that killed many cedars and shocked just about everything else.

    But, like a switch was flipped we went from 100 degrees to 70s for an extended period. What isn't dead is at least stabilizing and we're enjoying an abnormally pleasant September.

  7. Very nice. I like Autumn too. I like the cooler weather and the leaves turning. I don't like the storms but "I can take a few roughs with a smooth" if I'm recalling my Wodehouse correctly.
    What is that typeface?
    -Richard: As a service/GIS project for my degree I mapped all the trees in the arboretum behind my house. It has many horse chestnuts and three buckeyes. The foliage differs but the nuts are very similar. I pick one up every year and carry it with me.

  8. @Cameron: Lucky you! We had a few days of Indian summer that we all desperately hoped would last for longer, but we knew better.

    @Richard P: Thanks for sharing that; I think I had heard of buckeyes, but I had no idea what they were! That's a rather original mascot, too.

    @maschinengeschrieben: I suppose this means the horse chestnuts in Geneva are far ahead of yours over in Zurich... interesting! Ours seem to have lost most of their fruit already and the brown leaves are falling at a brisk pace.

    @Ted: Indeed, any day now...although it must be a relief to be out of the dog days already!

    @Philosophothinker: I suppose that is true, although I had thought Switzerland was a much less litigious country, generally. Still, there are no municipally-grown trees with edible fruit (except, arguably, the gingko trees; although many people avoid their smelly harvest...) so I suppose they are taking a necessary precaution.

    @Dwayne: I'm surprised; I thought cedars were hardier than that! The ones around Geneva were imported from Lebanon more than a century ago; and they all seem to thrive... then again, we've never hit 100F... whew.

    @notagain: This typeface is from my Scheidegger Princess-Matic, which you can see by clicking the Princess/ Maritsa tag on the right. I've always thought it looked like Olympia Congress, but I have no idea what the manufacturers called it.


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