Saturday, September 3, 2011

Report on the 2nd International Virtual Type-In

And here is a shot of the action, taken with a digital camera Clemens style:


  1. Hey! Only four, but what a class field! Our small town's annual musical/dancicle/beanfeast is on over this weekend (just got in) and sorry I couldn't make it. I'm sorta there in the panel behind Richard's screen - little red star sticking out next to Tori's icon. Hope you had fun!

  2. It was fun! maybe we'll see you when you wake up too!

  3. Wow...I'm impressed with your clean copy! I was all over the place...especially as I kept getting distracted by new shininess in the middle of sentences, and then having to struggle to remember what it was I'd been typing. And I didn't think to take a photo of the proceedings...

    It was nice meeting you more "for real"!

  4. It sure was fun! I'll post my own notes later today.

  5. I really wish that I'd been able to participate in this type-in, but was busy practicing the horn.

    I also have a rather slow satellite internet connection and was slightly afraid of trying to video chat. I'll embarrass myself next time, probably! ;)


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