Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Robot Week: Techno face-off


  1. I never paid attention to typing fonts; I just liked the typewriters. But the more you guys write about it, the more interesting it gets to me. Nice comparison of the robot fonts! I think I like the swissa most.

  2. I think the Hermes Baby font is the most robotic. And I like the Hermes and the SWISSA fonts for being less condensed than the Triumph's. Swiss typography is famous, see Helvetica, Frutiger etc. :)

  3. sooo excited, can't wait to be robot typing myself :D

  4. Soon he will feel the power of a fully operational robot typewriter!

  5. For me, the Tippa S wins best robot typeface.

    The Swissa is a beauty!

  6. It's robot week?? Time to get out my robot stamp again.

    I like the Triumph.

  7. I'm still voting for Olympia. The letters seem a little more boxy than many of the others. I like that.

    But the Hermes may win for most robotic.

    This was a fun post!

  8. @schrijfmachine: Typefaces are the poor man's way of collecting typewriters - I find it a bit easier to afford machines with unusual typefaces - when I find them - than to dream of Bar-Locks and the like :-)

    @Strikethru: Little-known fact - YOU started robot week! :-)

    I like how everyone voted for a different robot style! Amazingly, it works out to a three-way tie: two votes each for Hermes, Swissa, and Triumph.


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