Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lausanne is...

Place de la Riponne, the picturesque setting of the Lausanne flea market. 
An Adler Gabriele 35, our only typewriter discovery of the day. 
A seller's table is devoted entirely to pens, inks, and all sorts of awesome stuff.

 Letter blocks! These look like they would be fun to dip in a big vat of ink and stamp about, don't they?


  1. Beautiful Lausanne, enjoyed looking at the pics and reading your typecast.

    Adwoa is... the flea market diva!

  2. Thank you for the enjoyable tour!

    Have you been to Yverdon?

  3. Another excellent post! That Gabriele looks just like the J5 I picked up Saturday.

  4. Lausanne is ... lovely! Thanks for sharing your visit with us.

  5. I think that if there were a way to measure such a thing, you'd find that a great percentage of your readers spent way, WAY more time ogling the pics of pens, inks and the like, than the pics of the gorgeous skyline and architecture. And there's nothing wrong with that.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  6. For us North Americans, both beautiful pics of exotic European locales *and* rare (to us) Typin' machines & writing stuff are a treat! (:

  7. Thanks for the nice comments!
    @Richard: I haven't been to Yverdon yet... I know, I know. I've passed through it on the train lots of times, and it looks like a really sleepy town. I have this fantasy that the streets are really paved with Hermes 3000s, and I'd hate to discover the grim reality (I'm betting if I did visit, I wouldn't spot a single typewriter).

    @Duffy Moon: Nothing wrong with that, indeed!

  8. Thanks for a lovely post on Lausanne.

    Lausanne is...where I participated in the International Festival of Youth Orchestras in August, 1971. We stayed at an elementary school across from the Palais de Beaulieu where we performed (sorry for the mangled spelling) for three weeks. The city was fascinating 40 years ago, and certainly looks so now in your pictures.

  9. What a great little factoid, Cameron! And you got Palais de Beaulieu perfectly right. That must have been an amazing experience for you, and I'm fairly sure the L.M. Campiche store would still have been open at that time. A different era, that's certain - although I am fairly sure most of the buildings in downtown Lausanne (same in Geneva) have changed little since then, besides occasional renovation and turnover of occupants.

  10. Can't believe I lived in Lausanne for 6 months and never saw this flea market! I want those letter blocks!!! I must make it a point to rummage through the Zurich flea markets from now on......


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