Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Rant on Tardy Shipping

 A recent flea market discovery that would be a perfect gift for Mr. Late Shipper.

Whew! I feel much better now that I've gotten this off my chest. Does it take so much effort to send a courteous email, especially after you have received fast and full payment? I don't mind waiting for the package; I just don't appreciate not knowing about the wait. And yet, if it arrives here in relatively good condition I will probably leave positive feedback because I'm a wimp that way (I'll take off a few stars, though). More to come later.


  1. It's very inconsiderate not to keep a buyer informed. You have an opportunity to rate a seller's communication when you provide feedback, and this one should not get a good rating.

  2. I know how you feel, Adwoa. I won a typewriter on an online auction last week, and it's still sitting at the shipper's location. I don't want to be hostile, since this is a charity-run organization, but at the same time, I'd like to receive it. Delivery should only take two days, so waiting a week for them even to start is agonizing.

    Word verify: ploddi

    This shipper is the most ploddi...ng person I've ever dealt with.

  3. I feel your pain (I suspect all of us who buy typewriters on eBay have). Anticipation is sometimes awful. Let's hope the machine arrives unscathed and you get to blog/brag about it asap.

  4. I don't buy typewriters which need to be shipped, not just because shipping costs nearly as much as the typewriter itself, but also because I have the GA and can travel to any public transportation station in Switzerland and get the typewriter myself.

  5. I'm curious what it could be that you bought. I want to start selling off some of my machines, and I think I'll avoid ebay. I never hear about ebay on either side of the transaction in any positive light anymore.

  6. Thanks for the commiseration, everyone! I knew you all would understand; it's rather maddening. As for what exactly this find is, we'll have to wait and see. Hopefully I shall have more news in a week or so. I can't wait to blog about it, assuming it gets here in one functional piece :-)

    @maschinengeschreiben: I would say you folks in the German part of CH have access to a far greater variety of typewriters than we do here! I don't mind shipping within Switzerland; it is usually relatively painless. You're lucky to have a GA; you should come visit Geneva sometime! (Not now, the flea markets are dry as sellers take their summer vacations :-() Maybe in the fall...

    @notagain: I think you could do worse than to sell on eBay - as long as you ship promptly and pack carefully, it's like selling on etsy or anywhere else. I definitely think more people see your ad there - if it is labeled properly and the typewriter is well-photographed, that is.


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