Friday, July 8, 2011

King Midas' Typewriter

(Photo courtesy of Mila S.) Typewriter House Collector also has a picture of a gold Princess 300 on his site.

For other gold/ silver plated typewriters, see the Royal Quiet de Luxe, Olympia SM 4, and Smith Corona Sterling. As I mentioned, none of those are quite so eminently portable as the Princess 300.


  1. ah, the allure of the gold.

    First you get the Everests, then you get the power, then you get the gooooooold...'

    Reminds me of Ian Fleming's gold Royal.

  2. 600€ for this nice streamline typewriter with some gold color? I always say "no" if a typewriter is listed at over ca. 40 francs!

  3. wow, that is a beautiful machine! I would be tempted myself... for about a half a second. Eight Hundred smackaroos? I guess I'll stick with my $10 thrift store finds :D

  4. Holee Molee. That's one shiny machine. I'd really love to have one covered in the standard finish: this might be a bit too much.

  5. When purchasing an item, especially a collectible like a vintage comic book or baseball card or, say, gold-plated typewriter, the concept of value is so relative. A thing is only "worth" as much as you are willing to pay for it.

    That said: Getitgetitgetit!

  6. I suppose I was only trying to find out whether most of us would:

    a. Buy this typewriter, and why or why not,
    b. Be able to justify the purchase to self/ spouse.

    So far I sense the general consensus is that most of us would not care to own it, especially at that price tag. Which is just how I felt, too. But, obviously someone was interested enough to shell out the big bucks... so, yes, still wondering about motive on that one. Probably varies by person, though.

    @Mike Speegle: You are such an enabler! I could never do it, though, not for this (especially since it would need to be shipped, with all the complications that brings). Besides, it's already been sold. But nice try :)

  7. Ohmygosh, what a beauty. I have seen gold Princesses for sale on a few times (they were made in at least two versions, as I recall). This one seems to be in pristine condition. I don't think it was overpriced, considering the rarity and appeal. Would I personally buy it? Maybe, if I happened to have a lot of extra cash.

    We must remember (I tell my wife) that typewriters are investments: unlike computers, they don't lose half their value as soon as you buy them, but can be liquidated sometime in the future for more or less what you paid for them ...

  8. gorgeous typewrite ! I would have gone for it. After all it's just money :)


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