Sunday, November 28, 2010

Typecast: Buy Nothing Christmas

Nice, isn't it? Completely untouched - not even so much as an initial of the original owner. This is probably what will happen to my own inadvertent agenda collection a few years hence!

The clerk at the thrift store was amazed that I found this and wanted to purchase it (before he did, I suppose). "Magnificent!", he said. And I wholeheartedly agree, it really is quite a cool find.

The pages are easy to take out because the whole book is made up of smaller leaflets stapled together, so I can take out a whole folio sheet without too much trouble. I plan to use these for typecasting.

The back pages have space to list one's budget and expenses, take notes, and preview the calendar for 1968. None of that address book stuff. 

Script typecast courtesy of Adler Tippa, purchased in the UK about six weeks ago: 


  1. That's a beautiful agenda. A perfect combination with the script typewriter.

  2. I am enjoying reading both your blogs. Weird how I ended up finding you. (No, this is not spam.) I had a dream last night about a Triumph typewriter. In my day life I don't recall that I knew there was such a thing. To me Triumph is sports cars and motorcycles. I am not especially fond of typewriters as they tortured me in my earliest jobs.
    I felt compelled this morning to look online if it existed and that's how I found you.
    Next time I "need to know" anything about typewriters I hope you will be my go-to person.

    Enjoy your holiday.
    We are also doing a very low budget Christmas if not totally no spend.


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