Sunday, November 14, 2010

Typecast: Emerging from the cocoon

I actually meant to write that the weather has been nice this weekend, but anyhow.

My trusty road bike (sorry you spend so much time in the basement!):

A view of the Genevan countryside with the lake and mountains in the background (taken in May hence the green grapevines, but we returned to this spot today):

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  1. Hello :) I was just wondering about the less frequent updates (which somehow spread to by blog too) ! Thanks for posting this. I am in a similar situation but I still have some typewriters coming my way. This because last week I was looking for an olivetti lettera 22 on ebay and..well you know how it ends up. Still I feel some strong sign of rehabilitation from they typewriters (but not typewriting) addiction. I am very happy with my collection thou and I will be posting some more photos on my blog soon.


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