Friday, October 15, 2010

Typecast: Unfinished business


  1. Inspiring post ! :) I agree that collecting art is really different. In Geneva and Zürich some big banks have even special departments advising clients on what to buy as an art investment. I don't believe much into it because most of art pieces have a limited market and is highly overpriced. What is perhaps worse is collecting wines or spirits - if someone enjoys wine is like a perennial torture to have an extensive collection but never daring to "use it" as it will be then gone. So the satisfaction there is simply of owning something exclusive ...

    Yet collectors are alike: perhaps who collects arts does it first for self reward and then to show the collection to friends and family. This seems similar to collecting typewriters (deriving some sort of joy from the collection). Space issues aside (which are the major obstacle) I think that collecting typewriters can be more fun. I like to imagine how a typewriter has essentially run out of love when computers appeared and some of these will now rediscover a new owner and a new life !

  2. All great observations, very true. You do have to set limits on a typewriter collection, and ideally if you maintain or use them, there is an ongoing obligation to tend to the flock you have, rather than focusing on acquiring more. I'm in the pruning stage of giving away those that I don't use regularly, which is not how you would approach art or many other collections at all.


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