Friday, October 22, 2010

Typecast: Anticipation

In keeping with the theme, a few pictures from a snowy Easter in Davos a couple of years ago:


  1. Cool! YOu've already decided which typewriter to take... I was going to suggest the xmas markets in Germany (Munchen for eg) but you've already found a great place to go. Stock up on Glühwein and have a great holiday!

    [and spare a thought for all us Australians sweltering away ;-)]

  2. Rino - Germany (Munich/ Berlin/ Hamburg) is definitely on our wish list, but I'm just afraid we'd come back with more typewriters! This year I was going for more of a "rustic village" theme for Christmas, but I'm sure I'll be up for an urban adventure for 2011.

    The Xmas market in Munich sounds great and will definitely be considered. This year we'll settle for the one in Montreux:

  3. Lucky! It's been a long time since we've done anything besides a "stay-cation" (fortunately, we live in a lovely place) but now you've got me thinking it might be a good winter to head North and strap on some skis. After Christmas, of course.

    Yeah, October through December are insane with things to do here in the states. October 12th was Columbus day, so if Thanksgiving and Christmas are not enough, you can always gear up with that. Then there's the Jewish holidays which, even if you don't celebrate them, you probably know lots of people who do. And The Wife's birthday is right in the middle of it all, in November.

    I tend to breathe a big sigh of relief when January rolls around.

  4. I love staycations! I always make sure I leave some time after the vacation to just stay home and relax and do all the things I keep meaning to do in the house but never get around to - typewriter maintenance, small repairs, sending stuff to the thrift store, etc. Not to mention shopping - shops in Geneva are mostly open when I'm at work on during the week, unbearably crowded on Saturday, and closed on Sunday. Just rushing from work to vacation and back to work again is stressful and a waste of a good holiday!


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