Thursday, October 28, 2010

Typecast: Paying it forward

Preparing for a long journey:


  1. Oh yes, quite happy it will make someone:)

    I've almost completed my packing job on my Selectric II, so I'm hoping to make someone happy as well.

  2. I suspect that anytime someone gets a Hermes they are happy (:

    Since you live in a land where Hermes is as common as Smith Coronas are here in the states, I imagine you must be the happiest gal in the world!

  3. Quite the contrary, I am sad I don't have enough space to bring them all home with me! I guess I've been fortunate to find (whether I purchased it or not) pretty much every model of Hermes typewriter for sale at one time or the other. Hermes or no, the unusual typefaces (anything besides elite, pica, or techno), continue to elude me :-(


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