Friday, August 20, 2010

Typecast: Machinists vs Scribes


  1. Nice article. I'd side with the Scribes - mostly because I think typewriters enable a slightly better thought process-in-writing. I want to learn more about the mechanics of the machine, for sure, but if it doesn't work well and needs serious fixing, I lose interest in a machine as a writing/composing tool and think about it more as a display piece.

  2. We have a small apartment, so we can only put a couple of machines on display. Normally we don't (to avoid dust, etc) but when we received a broken machine in the mail, the decision was made for us. I shall feature it on here one of these days; I enjoy the satisfaction of fiddling with a machine and taking it from "apparently broken" to "working well enough", but this one was well and truly beyond saving. Sad.


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