Monday, January 9, 2017

Artificial Intelligence

An innovation I can get behind - cable cars in Funchal

Thanks to technology, a constellation of lights passes for a Christmas tree these days - this one was sighted in Porto.

An innovative transparent viewing platform provides a vertiginous experience to travelers in Cabo do Girao, Madeira

I am keen on any innovation that allows me to watch fish swim - here, a viewing window cut into a koi pond in Monte, Funchal
Also a sign of the times: a typewriter drought in Geneva's flea markets (it was bound to happen). This is the closest I got a few weeks ago... and would you look at that price!


  1. I find there is good and bad in cyberworld and digital devices. Even though I've worked most of my life in electronics I have refused to buy into the "must have the latest and greatest" of what ever it is. As far as travel, I prefer hotels to the other methods, especially since one of us is handicapped. Generally when it comes to ground transport we opt to either drive or rent a vehicle at our destination. Finally, I still prefer typewriters to PCs.

  2. I enjoyed this immensely. You have a great writing voice and I love the typewritten pages.

  3. Wanderin' & ponderin', a fine activity! You'll certainly find that typers and ephemera have gotten a bit pricier on the pricey end last few years. should still be plenty of cheapies out there, though - The first few months of the year are rich picking for typers in my town, anyway (:

  4. I find myself nodding in agreement with many things you say here. I hardly ever watch TV anymore, except online — our actual television is a dinosaur from 1991. One recent gadget, in particular, that I would never, ever get is one of these computers you talk to (Alexa, for instance) which will then play music for you, order something from Amazon, or whatever. Why anyone would want some remote server to be listening to everything happening in their house is beyond me!

  5. Pssst. Keep this to yourself, but I found myself looking at a smartphone last night. I hope my old Nokia is feeling nervous. I'd heard that about AirBnB, and the arguments that even the smartest app can't filter out bigotry.

  6. Cleaning up my bookmarks today, I clicked on Retro Tech Geneva. So happy to see you're back! Best regards.


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