Thursday, April 16, 2020

Typecast: A tale of two Coronas, and a goosander

Here's the first Corona...
...the second Corona...

...and the goosander!
Bonus goosander, finding dinner.


  1. Great to hear from you! Welcome back!
    Mrs. M is into bird watching and I'm into cursing digital imaging(as I almost threw my OMD-EM1 intot the ocean when we still lived in FL) in favor of my trusted 35mm gear. I miss too many shots with digital. 35mm is much faster.

    Best of luck with birds, cameras (digital or film) and all your other adventures.

  2. She's back!!

    What wonderful cursive type, and I discovered a new bird today, thanks to you. I look forward to more. Keep safe and well.

  3. Welcome back! We'll be very happy to see your birdwatching photos. Also, the word "Switzerland" looks wonderful in Upright Script. :D

  4. Lovely script, that - and I admire your ability to walk away from a burgundy Speedline Silent :)
    To similarly limit my 'hoarder' inclination (as my family have diagnosed it), have been aiming for unattainable machines - and when one does appear, to sell another one to make space. And by veering off into other domains of course; restoring and experiencing diverse vintage items; "retro tech Holland"...
    And welcome back (-:

  5. To echo everybody else (a month late), welcome back! I hope you've been ok since you put this up and that you and yours are as healthy as can be hoped.


  6. Adwoa, good to hear you are still out and about and tickling the typewriter keys. I completely get the hiatus - the world on both sides of the Atlantic has seemed like a hostile place the last few years but does our common hardware bind us all? I'm thrilled to see your goosander. Some years there's a pair on the Thames just upstream from me. When I see them it is always unexpectedly and always with a sense of disbelief and always too fast in flight to photograph. Best wishes, Rob

  7. well hello! Good to see you're still active and observing the world :-)


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