Saturday, May 5, 2012

Single Red Valentine Seeks Home

Packed and ready to travel!

*If Michael declines or does not answer either way within a week, offer becomes open to all. I would love it if whoever receives this gave us updates on their repair attempt!

Explanation from J - hopefully it makes things clearer?

Valentine as of this morning - it will need new ribbon covers, but we've put in spacers so it works as is. Any Olivetti ribbon nut will also work.

Otherwise, all parts are intact - including the ball bearings and retainer we unsuccessfully tried to install.


  1. You give up so soon.....

    I'd volunteer if you were closer. I'm afraid shipping from Geneva to Florida will be extremely expensive.

  2. How pretty!

    I also want to add that i emailed you a while back with a question about a Hermes Media 3 and then a lot happened and i don't think i ever thanked you for your reply and time, so thank you :)

  3. not me, for sure. I'm more in your camp - there are enough machines that work well enough that I just don't go for the broken ones.

  4. Adwoa, thanks for getting a shipping cost. Although this Valentine would make a great companion to my Praxis 48 in my growing Beautiful-Olivettis-That-Don't-Work collection and although it is becoming a Badge of Honor to receive something from Adwoa, as a victim of the new economy I will have to decline this one, simply because of the shipping. Thanks for giving me the chance.
    == Michael

  5. After rereading your problem, and J's comment that "ideally it should be in the middle". I think we have the same problem and I was able to find a workaround if that was causing the balls to drop.

  6. I guess I'm a little late... But my sister was looking for one of these. Not fot typing but just for display, due to its history and design.

  7. Do you still have this item for sale? Im looking for one for an exhibition of Italian design so doesnt need to be working....?


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