Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Olivetti Graphika - Extras and Outtakes

Graphika basking in the morning sun - not a great shot, what with all the shadows, but I wanted to show how closely the side profile resembles a Studio 44.

Not as clean as it should be - we've been keeping the cleaning to a minimum here - it all works very well, so no need to do too much - but I shall confront this with toothpicks if it gets worse (I did do a bit of tidying up after taking this shot, though!).

Serial number is engraved next to the right ribbon holder.


  1. Oh, now I see the Studio 44 resemblance even more clearly. And that means I also see my attraction for the Graphika even more clearly! If I get the chance to type on a Graphika one day, I'd like to do a side-by-side comparison with the Studio 44. Awesome typeface, by the way.

    Congratulations again for such an extraordinary acquisition! I understand completely why this is at the pinnacle of your collection.

  2. Yes, you can relax now. You have all the typewriter you will ever need. Beautiful case, beautiful type. You're set. Couldn't happen to a more deserving person. I'm glad you decided to go for it. Great!

    And you have distracted my attention from trying to find SG1s and Kolibris and Rooys and working Selectric IIIs.

    == Michael Höhne

  3. You sure have one super typewriter!

  4. Very nice photos and good typing.

    My Graphika also feels like one of the real gems of my collection. I've amazed a number of visitors with it!

  5. I love the typeface and the typewriter!

  6. That's a wonderful thing to behold. congrats again!

  7. I am **SO** in love with the typeface on this typewriter, Adwoa! It has become my absolute favorite. What a wonderful find. And your typing skills matched the font's elegance perfectly.

    1. how much is one of these worth my sister has one! and wants to sell it??

  8. how much is one of these worth my sister has one! and wants to sell it??

  9. Hello,

    I own a set with the Cassandre typeface, and my friend is looking to buy a set.

    You can email me at sentient85@yahoo.com

    Thank you!


  10. LOVING your Graphika Adwoa!


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