Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hidden Treasures


  1. I really know what you mean. If there's a machine I could probably part with, is my spare Selectric II and Selectric III models I have stored on a shelf in my den. They work good, but not as good as "the other" Selectrics; still, I just haven´t made my mind. Maybe if I could exchange them for something else, say, a Remington noiseless...

  2. That one is really nice to look at! I'd be on it in my public typing endeavors.

  3. 298 of my machines haven't been in rotation for a while. I won't part with them for now. Reason: I still like to have them around. I suppose I am still a collector.

  4. Adwoa, what a coincidence, I'm doing the very same test for my Triumph Perfekt, which I had not used for about 3 months. I brought it out before I took off to travel in order to check if I still wanted to keep it or offer it for a trade (with an Olivetti, of course). My scheds got hectic days before I left so I will have to do the test when I return.

    It would have been be puzzling if you had said "I am no longer smitten by this Rheinmetall." It's a stunner!

    Greetings from the eastern shore of the Mediterranean!

  5. Good question!

    The only typewriter I haven't used in quite awhile is an electric Smith-Corona "Coronet" with script type (featured on a blog post when I first got it) -- I think the motor drive belt is shot. Haven't taken the shell off to see what's what. So it sits in its case under the bed -- along with my other electrics, and my Classic 12.

    I suddenly realize that my electrics get less use in general. I guess I prefer my manuals.

  6. Decluttering???? If I did that I would have plenty of room for more radio gear, cameras, and typewriters. Then I would be back to where I am presently -- clutter and no more room.

    I do not really have any typewriters I do not use for months on end. I type a bit each day and rotate machines on sometimes a daily basis and other times weekly. I have one that I keep at work (the Royal Signet from '32 or '33 not the modern plastic junk ones) and I may take my Underwood and then rotate on a monthly basis.

    The hidden treasures that do not get used are my old radios, vinyl and some cameras and test equipment. Maybe if I ever get room for typewriters in a closet those may not get much use.

    I'm certain if I get too many machines use of any one of them will become less.

    And why no longer smitten by the Rheinmetall? It looks like a nice typewriter.

    1. I think you missed my enthusiastic "yes!", Bill. Still very much taken with the Rheinmetall and planning to keep it for a long time to come.

      I suppose my recent decluttering kick has to do with making room for a nice little sewing machine - but more on that later :)

  7. That Rheinmetall is a gorgeous machine. I wouldn't give it up either!


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