Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Typecast: Orientation

* * *Typecast courtesy of a Smith Corona Skyriter - to be featured shortly!* * *


  1. It took me a little more concentration to read this post, Adwoa, but I commend your recycling effort. I tore every blank page out of some old diaries of mine from the NINETIES and have been using them to typecast with.
    While I'm not a tree-hugger, I hate seeing paper wasted. Must be the writer in me.

  2. Neat idea. A bit difficult to read. The map background makes a busy (for lack of a better word) screen. I do like to recycle and do use all kind of paper myself although I have not tried anything but plain for typecasts.

  3. I think I know what Skyriter. It is green, isn't it? And I like this map idea, although it's sometimes a bit hard to read. See you soon!

  4. Nice, and so full of synchronicity:
    I'm just finishing up reading Ken Jennings' "Maphead", which features chapters on various denizens of the carto-spherical equivalent to the typosphere.

    I personally love the map background.

  5. Read through your post again. I like the map and wonder would a different typeface or pica make easier reading. Regardless of the background, I like your blog and reading your posts so I will read it.

  6. I love maps. I think the post was quite legible. Only a darker ink would make it more so. I've also surreptitiously checked my watch to determine which way was "left" so don't feel alone on that one either. Urbanists are still arguing about how to address the freeloader problem for a whole range of vital social goods. I support collecting enough tax to run it and make it a free ride, but sometimes the price point is a bit of social engineering to discourage bums.

  7. @teeritz: That is a great idea! I always start diaries each year with the best of intentions, but never end up seeing them through and it stings to have to toss them. Typecasting is a much more creative use.

    @Bill: Thanks for your efforts in sticking with it! I am glad you managed to get through reading it. Fortunately for all of us, I don't have any more "map paper", so this was a very brief experiment.

    @Duffy Moon: Nice coincidence! I admire Jennings as well and will seek out "Maphead"; your synopsis sounds intriguing.

    @Florian: Yes, indeed, I am sure you know this Skyriter :)

    @notagain: I agree, a darker ink and perhaps line spacing would have improved the post. There was an initiative here some time back to force automobile users to fully subsidize public transport, but that fizzled out quickly. I like your point about social engineering; I hadn't thought of that. It just seems like enforcement here is so sporadic as to be rather inefficient.

  8. I love the repurposed maps. Great idea. Reminds me a little bit of Brian Eno's Music for airports cover, you can see the halftone dots:

  9. I enjoyed reading this post very much, as it DID require a bit more effort and therefore a heightened level of concentration. I had to be "in the moment" in order to get the most out of it.

    I also liked the visual aspect of the blue ink superimposed over the mostly browns and greens.

    Now you've stimulated my imagination in search of interesting papers to type on. Thanks!


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