Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Vagaries of Typewriter-Hunting Luck

... lazy update just to update, pretty much, and get in one last post before November is well and truly over.

And I also want to say thank you to everyone who has commented, emailed, or otherwise commiserated with me about the Voss - in that sense, it has brought me much joy because I feel so much closer to all of you! We are all in this together - fighting to resuscitate typewriters one at a time, although some need more help than others. Besides, what fun would a blog be if I only had good stories to tell? This one is not over yet, though! It might take a while, but I shall take out the Voss one day and give you all an update. In the meantime, here is to happier stories in December :-)


  1. Huzzah! It's been a good year in the Typosphere (:

    Here's hoping that the light bulb goes on next time you take out the Voss and that a bit of screwdriver twiddling yeilds a wonderful new machine for your corral :D

  2. Isn't it a bunch of fun finding, buying and doing all the neat things with typewriters?

  3. What has really surprised me in the short time I have been in contact with other typewriter 'nuts' via the blogopshere is the politeness and good grace which prevail amongst, let's face it, a diverse bunch of mildly obsessive collectors and users. Neither a hint of vitriol (keychopper threads aside) nor invective. Constructive criticism and positive engagement, without unfair judgement, seem to form some sort of social glue you can't go out and buy or make to order. That's worth a small celebration in itself.

  4. ...obviously 'nuts' and 'obsessives' meant with kindness and humour :-)

  5. I am proud to be a small part of this great group of typewriter enthusiasts! Interesting, considerate people, all of you.

    I always look forward to your posts; you are a excellent writer & photographer. And to me, you live in a very exotic location.

    My heart goes out to you about the Voss. I think that Ted is right, though -- I have a feeling that when you pull it out again, somehow you will find a way to fix it or have it fixed.

    All in all, we are very blessed with the many and varied typewriters on which we clack away!

  6. Here is to finding some wonderful little typers in December - at a good price and that will work really well. - Chris Watson (Ohio, USA)

  7. Your fraktur type face really has me envious!


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