Monday, November 21, 2011

Update: Remington Re-Shod

This lacks the glamor of the previous post, but I just wanted to re-assure my readers, and especially Rob, that I had found a solution to the squished feet previously in evidence on the Remington. Now to fix that decal...


  1. Looks as good as new :)

    Doorstoppers? What a great idea! I've spotted a Corona 3 ridiculously cheap (for portuguese standarts) in fleashop and i was thinking using it for decoration (it's not working), but one of the turndonws were the melted shoes... I guess I'll do the same you did ;)

  2. That is one well-shod machine. Good job!

  3. The feet look fine. Often a product has many alternate applications. Great work.

  4. I've discovered that Royal 10 feet also fit. They fit on the Noiseless Portable, too, but impede the backspace lever.

    Extremely appropriate word verification: pedify

  5. @Fernando: Go for it! If it's a good price, why not, perhaps you may even figure out how to fix it.

    @Cameron, Bill M, Richard, MOLG: Thank you! The whole operation took less than five minutes but was well worth the effort. My thanks to Georg S. and Alfred Wepf, also, for figuring out this hack and passing the information along. It was a very satisfying experiment.

  6. Hey, they're cool. But as my typers with petrified feet are all have to fit their case perfectly, I possibly won't try it myself.

  7. Great fix - well done Adwoa - especially the colouring to match the machine. The consistency of door-stop rubber is just about perfect.

    @maschinengeschrieben: I had issues of case fitting new feet with, I think, the Underwood 4 Silver Dream Machine. These aren't bolt-on feet but there's a large hole to take replacements. The feet also need a grooved slot for the case mechanism. A black synthetic wine bottle cork turned out to be close enough to require very little re-shaping. Cutting a groove around the edge in the right place was pretty easy with a sharp knife, or you could use a wood saw for the groove. I wastes a few corks before I got something that worked, but it should last a while.


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