Thursday, January 27, 2011

Typecast: When Hermes 3000s misbehave

For some idea of my disappointment, here is a peek at the Epoca typeface I'm being denied, taken from a Hermes type style sheet from the early '70s:

See? Totally cute.

I don't have any pictures of the typewriter yet, but here is an ad taken from a November '67 Rotarian magazine (courtesy of Google books). Let's hope we can sort out the typewriter and explore all the exciting features touted here:


  1. can you pick up the other one and swap the carriage?

  2. notagain has an interesting suggestion. As I've said before, the carriage is easy to remove -- but tricky to put back. I do suspect that there's a mechanical problem and you're going to have to take that carriage off; this can't just be a question of poor lubrication.

    I agree that the '60s design for the 3000 is less inspiring, but in my limited experience this later version is smoother and easier to type on than the '50s machine.

  3. I recently tried one of these Hermes 3000 - it works like a charm. It has techno script typeface, which seems very similar to, but is not identical with epoca (I just checked on your August entry on "typeface wars"). As I said, I still don't find these boxier shapes of the later Hermes 3000s very appealing, but the quality is top. Here some photos: . (note that some keys are keys are changed, ex. "tab")


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