Sunday, January 2, 2011

Typecast: Getting back in the saddle

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Some pictures from vacation:
The sun rising over the holiday apartment complex where we stayed, around 8am. We were up early to catch the bus to the valley which, if we had missed, would not have returned for another four hours!

Taking a walk on a blustery, snowy Christmas Eve. 

Montreux's lakeside on a particularly frigid morning after Christmas - the statue of Freddie Mercury is in the foreground (some adoring fans had actually left flowers and candles) and there are still some wooden stalls left over from the Christmas market. 

All the chalets were pretty much slight variations on this basic template, which included lots and lots of wood. Indeed, you could imagine Heidi peeking out from the attic.

The surrounding mountains and a glimpse of the valley on a clear day.


  1. Welcome back from the Zauberberg, into the Web!

  2. Yes, your Hermes 3000 gift has been a favorite as of late. Its really, pretty perfect. There was only one sluggish key, the number 2, but after striking it a couple times, it loosened right up. All the other keys are perfect, fast and precise (and now the number 2 is as well).

    Not really a blemish of note on the exterior and I didn't feel a need to clean any of the paint. Last night, I did take off the plastic paper gauge to clean some dried white out, but that's really it.

    A marvelous typer, both condition and feel and I cannot thank you enough.

    Oh, and welcome back!


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