Thursday, January 20, 2011

Typecast: Scribomania

Typecast from script Adler Tippa, fitted with purple cotton ribbon

(Field Notes memo books, Moleskine notebok, and blue Bic ballpoint pen courtesy of David
green Caran d'Ache Leman roller in center.)


  1. Wow (it is probably my standard tag when I see beautiful photos on a blog :) Glad to see that the mole arrived safely with the field notes. As you will see the field notes are more portable and pretty nice as are one of the few things still made in the U.S.A.

    Enjoy them. The Moleskine is my best writing friend - it has a lot of pages. Don't be shy to ask for another one when you need it. :)

  2. I figure I am somewhere in the middle between mechanist and scribe. I enjoy understanding how typewriters work, their history, fixing them, et cetera, and I do all that so that I can enjoy writing with one.

    Regarding the interest in other writing utensils, I think the two sort of go together. It sounds like you are having fun learning about pens and good paper and such.

  3. Fountain pens on my side - one, maximum two. Stable for the past 20 years. It should be possible to narrow down on the typewriter side, with a couple of favourite machines - but then write on them. So here is a late 2011 resolution.

  4. Fountain pens are my next goal, together with a proper pot of ink for refills and such. It all sounds very delicate and I am sure everything in my house will be ink- splattered within a month. But it should be fun... I'll take a look around the stationery stores in town tomorrow and see what's on offer.

    I'm looking for a couple of simple ones to start with, maybe a Lamy Safari (which is not that easy to find) or a Pelikan M200. There's an Ordning&Reda downtown that I want to take a peek in...

  5. Admittedly, dear Adwoa, I am deeply concerned again: a new step in yet unchartered territory, the Fountain Pen Universe (FPU)! Beware! ... At least those are easier to store than typewriters... 50 fountain pens should fit in a shoebox, easily. Typewriters are ok, though... just think about car or elephant collectors. These guys REALLY need space.
    Yours Dr. G.

  6. That is a scary prognosis, dear Doctor. But do expound on this topic of elephant collecting - surely you jest? How can I get started? (Just kidding. Not really. Maybe a little.)

    Thankfully, all the really nice fountain pens seem to be out of my price range. I have settled on a Pelikan M215 as the object of my desire and I shall go about acquiring it fairly soon. And that will be that. I hope.

  7. I experimented with some fountain pens a few months ago, even asked for some dip pens for Christmas.

    I found that locally, there wasn't much available. I also found that my handwriting was really poor. Let me expand. My normal handwriting, is okay, but it is all printing. I hadn't written in cursive for years.

    About 6 weeks ago, I started experimenting with cursive and taking steps to re-learning. Since I take a lot of notes during my work week, I have plenty of practice time. I am now writing cursive pretty well, albeit, slow, but its coming back.

    And that lets me feel that much more excited to write with my fountain pens at home!


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