Saturday, September 7, 2013

Typecast: Planespotting

Typed on Hermes 3000 - epoca typeface

Air France, taxiing before takeoff.

EasyJet, coming in for a landing. There is a wide strip of field between the runway and the fence, and a road right around the perimeter that is regularly patrolled by police. Also, the fence is pretty high and the barbed wire is ... well, somewhat reminiscent of a concentration camp. I do appreciate the security measures, though, as a traveler, and as a tourist/ amateur photographer, it's nothing a good vantage spot and a zoom lens can't overcome.

EasyJet a few seconds later, just about landed.

 British Airways, also coming in for a landing. Love the colors and paint scheme on this one.

Swiss, taxiing before takeoff. I am always so thrilled to see large passenger aircraft in motion - such magnificent feats of engineering. Good thing I don't drive - if I was at the wheel of the black van and saw this plane so close, I would certainly be distracted! Although I bet regular users of that road are used to it :)

And there she goes... off to Zurich?

Taxiing before takeoff - Air France and a smaller plane I couldn't identify take turns on the runway.

There were smaller planes too, but I usually find those less interesting.

Lufthansa, also taxiing before takeoff. I asked J to take a picture of me with it when it came back around the runway (picking up speed) and he said it would be hard. How hard?:

Oh well. Me grinning madly, out of focus, Lufthansa even more out of focus. Hey, close enough!

And then we were off home!


  1. Cool way to to make the most of a sunny day. I miss EasyJet, it made travel possible for me as a student.

  2. The smaller planes are interesting to me cos we see so few of them here. But it is looking at the big ones take off that stirs the wanderlust.
    Though out of focus, that's a lovely shot of you. Your dress looks striking against the yellow grass.

  3. I like this post a lot. So much lightness in the air! And you and the Lufthansa - a great picture!

  4. Very nice Epoca typeface. One I do not yet have (got sniped on one last week).
    Those are nice aircraft photos. I used to like to lay facing up to the sky on the approach and take shots straight up. The girl at the fence is quite nice too.

  5. Lovely font ♡ wish I can have 1 too


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