Thursday, August 8, 2013

Typewriters on Film: No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency

- sent from Olivetti Graphika, the closest typewriter I have to Grace Makutsi's Lexikon 80s.

The series is already out on DVD, and may be found here.


  1. This is a very interesting lead, I'll make sure to watch it. And with Lexikon 80 as co-star? Yes.

    The typeface of your Graphika is superb!

  2. I love those books. I'll have to find that.

  3. THe books were excellent, and the television adaptation is an awful lot of fun. I'm in complete agreement!

  4. Yes, that is lovely typeface. One of the reasons I keep buying these things, I suppose, is in the hope the lotto card will hit with something unique like that. And thanks for the glimpse back at that wonderfully done series. The writers had such a fine grasp of the essence of McCall Smith's stories that even when they took off with their own plots they got it right.

    1. Hi Tony - Glad you have seen the series too and enjoyed it! I liked the plot twists and turns that the writers came up with as well, and felt McCall Smith could have written them. What a shame there was only one season! As for the typeface - I'm afraid you can only find this particular one on the Olivetti Graphika, so you might want to start your search with that (a particularly fun search as these are rare!). It is proportional spacing, which is all well and good until you make a mistake and need to backspace... I get it wrong more than half the time. You can read more about mine in this post from last year:

  5. I love the Olivetti Lexikon 80. They look so modern for the period they were made in. I'm new to your site and it's totally awesome!

  6. I've read most of his books and now I've ordered the DVD. Thanks for the recommendation!



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