Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Sewing Machines - Visiting A Milanese Repair Shop

Shop overview - crammed to the gills with sewing machines and paraphernalia. 

A Singer, a Pfaff, a Vigorelli...

Durkopp, Necchi...

The fantastically curvy machines on the top right are Necchi Lydias, Italian-made. 

I see a couple of Elna Supermatics, and an Adler on the top shelf...

There were several Berninas, of course. 

The storefront, as seen from inside the store. The Navigli canal is in the background. 

It was a lovely visit, and there was lots to see - so much that the owner could not immediately locate the size of belt J needed for his Bernina. He asked us to come back in a few days, and we might have returned, only we chanced upon another sewing machine store (one of the antiseptic ones this time) and they had the right belt, so we bought it there. In any case, this store is a lovely retro tech haven in the heart of Milan, and I will be intrigued to see how/ whether it survives - I sure hope so! 

Today started out foggy and cool, and we started off by exploring another neighborhood garage sale. A few typewriters were spotted! Nothing super special, but I'll save them for the next post. We took a stroll before dinner to the nearby park, to visit a fig tree I have had my eye on. Since fig season seems to be upon us, I wanted to see if these were ripe (fully aware that other passers-by/ birds would probably have beaten me to the punch, anyway). Sadly, I still have to wait a bit: 

Hurry up, figs! I'll be back in a couple of weeks to see if there's anything left. 

Sigh.. and now the weekend is over. Hope you have enjoyed yours!


  1. Fresh figs! oooooohhhh goooood.
    Beautigul sewing machines, but I really like the epoca typeface. One day I will find one.

    1. I am sure you will, Bill, your Hermes typeface collection so far is quite impressive!

  2. I absolutely love fresh figs! For me, they're the Olivettis of the Fruitosphere. ( :

    1. Nice analogy! Fresh figs have a short-lived season, but I make sure to indulge while they are available :)

  3. Very nice. I still see sewing machine repair shops, which I think is really neat. Though, I have never ventured in.
    Also, I absolutely love the paper you have used for this post. I am sure that I have seen in on your blog before, but it is quite striking!

    1. Scotch tape and narrow notepad paper - nothing to it, really, but I like the way it looks too :)

  4. I love that Epoca typeface. Smooth and stylish. Just beautiful.

    I also really like the character of that shop. I think I'm a bit of a clutter person, and I always feel much more at home in overflowing shelves lit with cracks of light. It looks delightful there.

    As for figs: Not a big fan, but the girl loves them to bits so we frequently have them here.

    Hmmm... that Adler plate on the wall interests me...

  5. Love the repair shop and antique sewing machines. Repair shops of any kind are cool places. There's a sewing machine repair shop a mile from the shop and I stopped in several years ago for a belt and was shocked at how crowded and busy it was. Also love the epoca type on your 3000. It's so nice to look at and easy to read. Thanks!

  6. I enjoy repair shops that are little bit chaotic. Thanks for sharing this one.

  7. I particularly liked the ones on the top shelf, and the wooden case I saw in the photos. Nice post!

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