Saturday, September 15, 2012

Greetings From Milan + Flea Market Sightings

(Typecast on Olivetti Pluma 22 with Spanish keyboard.)

I am actually back in Geneva now, happily reunited with my internet connection, and making it a priority to put up this post before I get sidetracked by my RSS feed. So much to catch up on! Well, here are the pictures from the Milanese flea market last Sunday; and then I will be off:

Olivetti Lettera 32 - nothing remarkable, but good to document. I did peek at all the typefaces but they were all ordinary pica.

Another Lettera 32 in a delicious pistachio green - but this time labelled BMB 232. A department store rebranding, perhaps? Intriguing!

The Lettera 22 - cute, exactly the same color scheme as the Pluma 22 on which I typed this post.

 The Lettera 35 - pictured here with an Olympia Traveller de Luxe, and a pretty orange Terraillon scale.

Now for the Studios - here, the 42 for which the seller wanted 45 euros. Paintwork not in the best condition, however.

Olivetti Studio 45 in an unusual brown/ white color scheme.

Last in the Olivetti line-up was this Olivetti Diaspron 82, c. 1959.

 The not-Olivettis were well represented as well, mostly from the '70s. Here, a late generation Olympia Splendid.

A sleek-looking Marina 20 which calls to mind the Olivetti Lettera 33 or DL.

The omnipresent (quite a few of these in Geneva as well) Japanese-made Silver Reed 200.

A rather recent Olympiette de Luxe - probably from the '90s.

The Antares Lisa 30 - do you notice the resemblance to the Olivetti Valentine?

Another Antares which I really should have taken a better picture of.

And finally, a wide-platen Everest Standard. Love the glass keys!

Definitely a market worth seeing, and it started off our Milan trip on a very good note. More to come just as soon as I have caught up with everyone - how have you all been?

*Ted, thanks for the poke! :P


  1. You're welcome! I missed your travelogues to exciting exotic flea markets (:

    As usual, very nice collection of sightings :D

    1. Glad I could supply some new eye candy, Ted!

  2. Whoa... Adwoa, you just set my head spinning! I swear, I will go to Milan on my next trip to Europe!

    Love the Pistachio Lettera 32, that's actually been on my wish list for as long as I remember, but at least, I got the Montgomery War Escort 55 re-brand in bright yellow (when you have time, do check it out on my blog, it's still on the front page). I would have grabbed that Diaspron even if I have to strap it on my back all the way to the airport security checkpoint!

  3. Hello Adwwoa

    Seems like ages since we heard from you. Hope you're having a good time!

  4. This was fun!

    I have a friend who collects antique typewriters and lives in Milan; he has found some great rarities at flea markets there.

  5. very nice! my parents were in milan last summer but they didnt mention any typewriters!
    my favorite of your sightings: that green lettera 32 is very attractive!

  6. I rarely find anything at a flea market. But you seem to have found an ocean of Olivetti there! Eeeeeeep!

  7. Nice grouping. The Marina is the image of the Bulgarian Omega 1300F.
    I'm enchanted by the Everest and the Studio 42.

  8. Great to see another sightings post. I agree with notagain...the Everest and the Studio 42 may have just come home with me. The 42 is second only to the Ico in the looks department.
    Hey, hear that? Yep...that is the sound of Ton's heavy breathing...

  9. Great to have you back typewriter hunting, Adwoa. This popped up the same day an Lisa 30 (same colour) arrived on my doorstep. Don't worry about the photo of the other Antares - I have this as an Underwood and an Antares and they are awful machines! The Pluma 22 I have in pink (from France). The BMB and Marina labelling are new to me - the Marina looks Korean or perhaps a Citizen? The two Olympias are possibly Italian-made but have the same mechanics as the Chinese Rovers etc. Welcome home to where you belong, here in the Typosphere

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Robert! I really appreciate your further insight on these sightings. I have much catching up to do on your blog - and I look forward to seeing your new Lisa 30 in action!

  10. Every time I see one of your posts with all the typewriters that you DIDN'T buy, it reminds me to take my camera to thrift stores -- then I always forget!

    Wonderfully prolific sightings in Milan.

    All best wishes from The Woods.

  11. I like the antares Lisa. I'm surprised: in 35 lettera photo appears a book about Argentina 78 World Football Championship.


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