Sunday, May 1, 2011

Typecast: Happy May 1, and greetings from Antediluvia

Another weekend gone, another - incredibly sunny - month already over. Where did all the time go? Between longer days and amazing weather, I suppose I have been spending more time outdoors and less playing with my array of writing implements. I discovered a typecast I had been working on earlier and finished it:

   From what I can gather, getting a platen recovered is an expensive process particularly for those of us living overseas. Great pity, because if any of my typewriters deserved and needed an overhaul, it would be this cutie pie:

At some spots, the Arve looks just about normal:

But the bald patches are quickly discovered, although the hydroelectric dam may be exaggerating the effect of this one:

A pleasant discovery not far from the river bank, wild ramps!:

I contemplated bringing some home, but the jury is still out on these odd onion/garlic hybrids at our house, and besides I'm not sure whether they are still supposed to be as nice when they've flowered. Now that I know where to find them, though, I shall be sure to pass by a couple of weeks earlier next year to pick some up if I want it.


  1. Meanwhile, in Cincinnati, we recently completed our all-time wettest month since records started being kept in 1869.

    That is a lovely Princess-Matic.

  2. Uh oh, droughts over there too? That means a huge bundle of rain may compensate some time in the near future... a huge deluge. My advice - buy a good raincoat now ;-)

  3. Here in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, home of the great flood of 1889, every month is the wettest month in our history! Tell ya what, trade ya water for a type writer!

  4. Still no rain! At this point I just might trade you that typewriter, Martin. There are a few clouds today... fingers crossed.


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