Thursday, April 7, 2011

Typecast: A muted celebration

Hermes Baby and armchair

Typecast 7411 
Mint green Hermes Baby

Although I took the picture in natural light and I know very well it is a pale green, it still looks off-white to me!

Hermes Baby close-up

You know the odd thing? We took off the ribbon cover and tried to fit it on the bald typewriter - and it didn't fit! This one is just a hair larger - we're guessing different production years and probably also different manufacturing plants entirely (the much later Hermes Babys, of which baldie is one, were made in Brazil). Very interesting.


  1. Great homage to a great first line in your first line. P&P is one of my favorites. Don't worry about not posting more, it makes the posts that happen all the more special.

  2. 100 posts of pure high quality content, gentle lady!

  3. A very fine typecast. Just post when you're motivated and have the time -- this shouldn't be a duty. And we will check in when you do!

  4. Your posts are high-quality and that beats quantity any day. Don't worry about the natural ebb and flow of the almighty Typosphere.

  5. ...sooooo, maybe I should slow down from my one-a-day? Your posts are ALWAYS worth a read and you are a good ambassador (ahem) for we EuroTypes.

  6. Happy 100th. I'll likely still be reading when you hit 4 digits.

  7. Quality through and through, Adwoa. The complete opposite of my own typecasting efforts:) Its always a joy to read your updates, whether daily, weekly or monthly!

  8. You are all much too kind! I will do my best to earn your continued virtual companionship :-)

  9. Hi Adwoa! Interesting story and machine, conveyed through a beautiful text, as always :)
    The difference between the parts of two machines manufactured so widely afar from each other, on possibly quite different machine-tools is normal and must be expected. I haven't spotted any Brazilian made late Babys around here yet, but a Spanish acquaintance of mine has a minty grey one, with a Portuguese language keyboard, and complete paperwork in Brazilian Portuguese. He got it in Valencia from a small store selling all sorts of retro stuff. I guess the machine was left behind by someone who needed to type in Portuguese, as (according to the said person) Brazilian Hermes Babys aren't common at all in Spain. But I would like to know more on Brazil's typewriters as I just managed to introduce a Brazilian friend to the joys of typewriter use and collecting.


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