Monday, December 6, 2010

Typecast: Decisions, decisions

Not that this has stopped me from a few special acquisitions lately, mind you. I really want to put up some good pictures, but natural lighting has been scarce lately, what with the overcast skies and all. There are some very nice machines on the wait list...

*Error alert: I wrote this typecast on a Lettera 32 with a QWERTY keyboard, and while I thought I caught all the mistakes I made switching from my usual QWERTZ, I now realize that there are a few typos :(. But this is already scanned, so please excuse the errors! Where is spellcheck when you need it?

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  1. I loved this post - it's not far from my own perspective, except I don't look online. My collection is mostly whatever hits the thrift stores. It has to be functional enough to use. It has to be cheap, as when I hesitate to spend $15. Even so, it keeps growing as my local Goodwill is like the typewriter river basin. Like you, I'm not looking to curate a collection, but I want to try out as many machines as I can. I can get a week's entertainment looking up the serial, discussing the machine, banging out a typecast, etc. Now I'm looking for other enthusiasts to pass them on to, so the hoarding aspect doesn't kill the fun. I want to end up with a few good portables for different needs, some big heavy desktops for decoration and use, and some friends to trade with so I can keep looking at the stores.


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