Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hermes 2000 Green Manual Typewriter (1956)

The Hermes 2000 typewriter was designed and manufactured in Switzerland by Paillard S.A. of Yverdon, Vaud. The design of the 2000 was first introduced in 1933, and the model I have for sale is from 1956, which is determined by the serial number. This machine features full-metal construction, with plastic keys and platen knobs. It is in the classic minty-green Hermes color scheme.

While this is technically a portable typewriter, it is something you would prefer to keep on a desk, rather than take for casual picnics in the park. It's size means the typing action is fantastic - it needs a very light touch to print the letters (pressing too hard on the keys will result in double spacing), and so there's no risk of losing your fingers in the keys! Also great if you're used to typing on a computer and haven't used a typewriter in a while.

The space bar shows some light discoloration and a superficial crack, but it does not in anyway affect the functioning of the typewriter. 

I acquired this beauty from a retired Swiss man who had used it to write his thesis when he was in university in the late 50s. After graduating, he had moved on to an electric typewriter and never looked back. The machine was not in great condition when we received it, but it has been cleaned and is in good working condition. It comes in a beautiful deep green leather look case, fully lined in a mint-green fabric that matches the typewriter:


A new ribbon will be installed, good for many more years to come! Replacement ribbons can easily be found at Papeterie Wolf in Geneva. I will also include a copy of the original user manual (in French):

The typeface is a smaller elite font, however, the typewriter spaces out the letters quite generously, so it is very easy to read. Here is a sample:


As you can see, not only can it print all the special accents and characters in French, but it also has a key especially for the Swiss currency (Fr)!


  1. Hi is the Hermes 2000 still for sale please?

  2. Where can you buy ribbon for that because I got one for Christmas and I can't use it!!


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